What Sets Us Apart in Ypsilanti, MI

Betsy Meade Orthodontics is a great choice for great smiles in Ypsilanti!

At Betsy Meade Orthodontics, we provide orthodontics based on scientific evidence. Only the best, most proven treatment methods are good enough for our patients! Dr. Meade spends time customizing each patient’s treatment to make sure the ideal results are achieved. She works hand-in-hand with local specialists to make multi-disciplinary care more efficient.

We try very hard to make all patients feel special and have a positive experience when they’re in our office. As our patient, we want you to…

Be Relaxed!

When you arrive for appointments, you will be greeted with the aromas of coffee, hot chocolate, and hot cider, all complimentary while you wait (which won’t be very long!).

Be Rewarded!

In addition to getting a great smile, you can also participate in our rewards program! You can earn points for good oral hygiene, wearing your Betsy Meade Orthodontics office t-shirt, having no broken appliances, as well as other items. The more points you earn, the more money you receive at the end of your treatment!

Be Involved!

We like to encourage patients to give back to the community. We have them collect pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House and we and our patients contribute to a charity every holiday. If you’re already involved in a local charity or service organization, let us know what we can do to help!

Have Fun!

We like to have fun with our patients, and we want you to have fun, too! We have a lot of dress up days (Hawaiian theme for the last week of summer, Halloween costumes, ugly Christmas sweater week, etc.) and we encourage you to dress up with us.

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