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Boo! Halloween at Betsy Meade Orthodontics

October 9th, 2018

It’s our favorite, spookiest time of the year: Halloween! If you ask our team what they’re looking forward to this season, you’ll hear a bit of everything. From the candy and costumes, to the scary movies, there are so many fun ways to celebrate the season.

Many of us at Betsy Meade Orthodontics appreciate a nice Halloween movie with friends and family. Some of our office favorites include Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. On the other hand, some of us  love a good scare. One Halloween, a man with a fake chainsaw scared our orthodontic assistant, Haley, and her friends, chasing them all the way down the street. They screamed while they were running, but laughed about it once it was over.

If you visited our office last year, you already know that we go all out decorating every room in the office, thanks to the hard work of our scheduling coordinator, Amy. And it doesn’t stop with the decor. Last year, we dressed up as the mischievous Minions from Despicable Me. This year we’ll dress up as the adorable dogs from 101 Dalmations!

We can’t wait to see the costumes that you all come up with.  Don’t forget to take care of your braces and brush extra well if you’re indulging in Halloween treats! We look forward to seeing you in the office.

Welcoming Back Fall at Betsy Meade Orthodontics

September 26th, 2018

Fall is here and that means cooler weather, bonfires, pumpkin patches, Halloween, corn mazes, and best of all, no more bugs! We are ready for all of the seasonal changes and are welcoming them with open arms.

This month we’re celebrating the birthdays of two very special ladies: Rebecca, one of our orthodontic assistant, and Allison, our other orthodontic assistant and lab tech. We’re so grateful to have them as part of the Betsy Meade Orthodontics team!

Our office loves to celebrate Halloween so we’re looking forward to dressing up this year. We also can’t wait to make one of our favorite recipes to indulge in during cooler weather (and any weather, really): tomato soup and grilled cheese! It’s easy, hearty, and everything a perfect comfort meal should be.

We also love to travel. Dr. Meade will be going with her dad in Utah to take in all of the gorgeous views, Laura will be going to Florida, and Haley is taking a trip to Kentucky.

Don’t forget, if you correctly guess how many spider rings are in the jar that’s in the office you could win a $25 gift card to Zap Zone. We hope everyone is having a great start to the fall season and hope to see you in the office soon!

Going Green: how a “green” office can be beneficial to patients

September 6th, 2018

Our green office offers many benefits to patients. And just because we’ve gone green doesn't mean that we won't be able to provide the same services as a traditional office. In fact, our goal is to provide the same (or better) services as a regular office, but services that act in harmony with the body and world around us. Less waste, fewer chemicals and heavy metals, and reduced energy consumption; these are traits that define a truly green office.

Some of the benefits you'll experience as a patient at our green Ypsilanti, MI office include:

  • Better air quality – There's a focus on using renewable and natural building materials, paint that is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), biodegradable cleaning supplies, and formaldehyde free materials for cabinetry. This leads to cleaner air in the office for patients and their families.
  • Less radiation – Digital X-rays replace old film based X-rays and expose patients to 90 percent less radiation. Digital X-rays are also convenient for patients since their images can be viewed right on the computer screen instead of on a physical printout.
  • No need for paper – Many offices have gone "paperless." You'll get any pertinent paperwork via email, reducing paper waste and saving you time. Patient records are also stored digitally, doing away with the wall of patient folders and making for easier and quicker record retrieval.
  • Fewer chemicals – Green offices take advantage of chemical-free sterilization by steam and clean their tools using energy-efficient washers and dryers. Biodegradable cleaning solutions instead of toxic chemical cleaners are used around the office, too.
  • Reduced heavy metal exposure – Biocompatible, non-allergenic, non-metal materials like porcelain and ceramic are preferred in a green office over the heavy metals (nickel, titanium) used in traditional offices. This is particularly important in the case of appliances that are used over long periods of time, like dental implants or veneers.

Dr. Betsy Meade and our team hope you realize the positive effect a green office can have on your health, as well as that of the environment. Our office is dedicated to bringing you the cleanest, safest, and greenest technologies the industry has to offer, and we're happy to share how our processes differ from other offices!

National Dog Day with Haley and Brodie

August 26th, 2018

Beagle lays on the ground with an orange chew toy

Our best friends always know how to make us smile the biggest. Sometimes it’s because they’re practical jokers, sometimes it’s because they’re dogs, and sometimes it’s because they’re both! Today we’re celebrating one of our office’s favorite little pranksters: Brodie.

Brodie stays at home with his owner and our orthodontic assistant, Haley. He’s a funny and entertaining pup to everybody who meets him, even if you end up being the butt of one of his jokes. One of his favorite tricks is to bark at the front door as if somebody was there. When you stand up to go check, he jumps up and steals your chair!

The most important thing about Brodie is that he unconditionally loves Haley. For ten years, Brodie has been a best friend to Haley, always ready to cheer her up when she’s feeling sad.

To celebrate National Dog Day, Haley plans on sharing lots of cuddles with Brodie. If you have any furry friends of your own, we hope you’ll find time to snuggle them too.

What Our Patients Are Saying

  • "My best experience at this office was when my son was diagnosed with Leukemia at 11 years old and I was a complete wreck. The office staff sent a bouquet of cookies for us. Dr. Meade is so amazing. She has been a TRUE blessing through this process. Love this office and their hospitality." – William L.

  • "The staff are friendly and courteous. The doctor is great and very experienced. The environment is neat and clean. My children and I are very happy to go there.". – Ghada A.

  • "The first appointment was the best. Everything was explained clearly. Walking into a complete unknown about the procedure was very stressful for Angela and me. The staff made us feel at home and we left with a solid plan. Angela now looks forward to coming to the Meade office with no fear. You are doing everything right." – Angela B.

  • "It is always a pleasant experience going into the office. All the staff take the time to say hi or chat for a minute even if they are not directly working with you that day. It's a very relaxing, stress-free environment." – Joseph M.

  • "From the initial appointment and evaluation to making the subsequent appointments and each appointment thereafter. Everyone is lovely yet efficient. We feel part of the family. We also love the festive atmosphere. Great job!" – Briella S.

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