Testimonials in Ypsilanti, MI

If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

"Excellent!! Staff is always professional and friendly!! Highly recommend."

-Jen R., July 23 -5/5 


"The staff were very welcoming and friendly at the consultation for my son. We have already been going to Dr. Meade for 2 1/2 years for my daughter. Would definitely recommend this practice."

-Melissa P., July 22 -5/5 


"First visit back to Dr. Meade's office in 4 months due to the pandemic. Very impressed with all of the safety measures in place: parking lot waiting with clear signage, screening questions before entering the office, touchless temp taken, touchless hand sanitizer stations, plastic barriers in front of counter staff, and all staff masked, gowned, gloved and also wearing face shields when providing patient care. I felt as safe as possible. If only it were possible to keep my mask on during the visit in order to protect Dr. Meade and her staff.

-Teresa H., July 16 -5/5 


"Great service and they had all protective measures in place."

-Latoshunee G., July 15 -5/5 


"When I went there everyone was very nice and welcoming! They even put my name on the board to welcome me. I really enjoyed going there, and I strongly recommend this orthodontist."

-Kendra F., July 12 -5/5 


"Very professional, always on time and super friendly."

-Reem B., July 8 -5/5 


"The entire staff is great!"

-Vanessa S., July 6 -5/5 


"Very friendly staff"

-Ty N., July 1 -5/5 


"My 10 year old just started phase one of treatment. The staff have been transparent with him about the process, explaining it in ways he understood and allowed him to ask questions. They have a positive reinforcement model that incentives kids to treat their teeth kindly which relieves pressure off of me to have to nag him. Overall I have been very impressed with the entire office, and, they are absolutely covid compliant."

-Tiffany M., June 30 -5/5 


"All of the staff are fabulous and super friendly. I have been with this office for 2 years and just got my braces off. If I had to go through it all over again I would choose Dr. Meade’s office hands down!"

-Samona D., June 29 -5/5 


"The staff and Dr. Meade are very professional and courteous. The staff and office has taken every precaution possible post Covid. Thank you for all you do."

-Shellie M., June 22 -5/5 


"They're so sweet and friendly. I always feel comfortable when I go there."

-Daijah D., June 18 -5/5 


"High quality service, very professional, and friendly. The staff made my daughter's visits today very easy for her. She got her braces off and was worried about it hurting. She said that it didn't hurt and the staff were extra friendly today."

-Brandy V., June 16 2020 -5/5 


"High quality, very friendly, and professional. We always have a 5 star experience when we visit this office."

-Carrington W., June 12 2020 -5/5 


"A team that cares and enjoys their work. It is rare to see people enjoy their work. Everyone at Betsy Meade's office is kind to each other, and kind to the clients. They have gone above and beyond for us, this isn't your standard orthodontist office. They care about the clients needs and strive to get the best results. The new clean, modern office is a nice perk, but the team and care is why we wouldn't dare go anywhere else."

-Karina H., June 4 2020 -5/5 


"Excellent Staff. All of the staff are so professional, kind and helpful. We have been going to the office for about 2 years and have only had positive experiences. Their recent protocol changes in response to COVID-19 make me feel very comfortable about my son’s safety. He responds well to all the staff, but especially Allison who has been so nice to him. I highly recommend this practice."

-Elaine C., June 4 2020 - 5/5 


"Amazing service. I’ve been going to Betsy Meade since last year and my appointments are always amazing. The professionalism and care are unmatched and I’m always seen promptly. The staff place effort to getting familiar with your specific treatment plan and are always consistent. Even with COVID, the staff also took proper precautions to ensure safety and cleanliness."

-Taylor M., June 3 2020 -5/5 


"An amazing experience every time. We have loved this place for two years. As they ramp back up in this crazy time, they are doing everything possible to keep us safe, and still do amazing work. Thank you all!"

-Angela C., June 3 2020 -5/5 


"Professional and friendly."

-Samantha D., June 2 2020 -5/5 


"High Quality, friendly service! We are so happy with our services through Meade Orthodontics! I have had two children go through the process and ready to start with my 3rd. Always professional, always friendly. I would highly recommend this office to anyone!"

-Christina B., June 1 2020 - 5/5 ________________________________________________________________

"Being the first day back after a long several weeks of no appointments the staff did a great job with the many changes that have had to be put in place due to the pandemic."

-Ava P., June 1 2020 - 5/5 

"Every time I come in, everything is excellent and the staff is superb."
-Meriam I., March 10 2020 - 5/5 

"You are all great and you can tell it is intentional! My best experience at Dr. Meade’s office has been the consistently excellent service from the entire team. It’s such a personal and intimate experience - you forget about the open floor plan. You feel seen, heard, valued, and well taken care of."
-Alexis S., March 5 2020 - 5/5 

"Our best experience is the friendliness of the whole staff."
-Kara L, March 3 2020 - 5/5 

"Love your office experience!"
-Tony Cuttitta, Feb 29 2020- 5/5 

"I’ve always had a great experience."
-Carrington W., Feb 22 2020 - 5/5 

"All of the staff is so friendly and personable. Your office is very inviting and I love the offer of coffee for the parents/visitors while we wait."
-Maggie S., Feb 16 2020 - 5/5 

"You bent over backwards to take care of the first of the three appointments over your lunch break while we were there and helped us schedule our next two appointments quite quickly."
-Noah G., Jan 23 2020 - 5/5 

"Everything is great! Always on time."
-Temur T., Jan 21 2020 - 5/5 

Great office and will always recommend! I had just gotten a new wire a few days prior, was there with my child a few days later. Allison was gracious enough to trim the wire so I wasn’t uncomfortable anymore. Always above and beyond!
-Julie D, January 2020 - 5/5 

The experience that left the biggest impression on me was the time my son had his wire shift and come loose from the bracket on his back molar. It happened Friday afternoon and he was leaving Sunday for a week. One of the techs came in Saturday morning for us.
-Connor L, January 2020 - 5/5 

Our best experience is how friendly and timely they are.
-Blake C, December 2019 - 5/5 

- Andrew J, October 2019 - 5/5 

The staff are all so welcoming and friendly.
- Nicholas S, October 2019 - 5/5 

I enjoy the decorations and the attention to motivating kids with points and all the little details that make the experience superb.
- Kayliana O, October 2019 - 5/5 

- Rashonda A, Sept 2019 - 5/5 

- Kara L, Aug 2019 - 5/5 

- Ethan M, Aug 2019 - 5/5 

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