1) Orthodontics is all we do! Dr. Meade is a specialist in orthodontics and is certified by the American Board of Orthodontics. 

planmeca-3d-imgaing-machine2) 3D digital x-rays allow Dr. Meade to better localize all the teeth within the jaws. This helps create a customized and efficient treatment plan for each patient.

itero-element3) Our digital scanning system helps decrease the number of traditional alginate impressions needed by digitally capturing a 3D model of the teeth and gums.


Our Pro S 3D Printer

4) The 3D printer allows us to create 3D models of each patient's mouth. We then use those models to make retainers and to better customize aligner treatment.

5) Indirect bonding is a unique way of placing braces on the teeth. The process allows us to be more accurate which in turn means fewer appointments and a shorter treatment time for the patient. Click here to see the process.

6) Our 2 way text messaging systems allows our patients to communicate with us easily and conveniently.

7) We offer automatic appointment reminders and online bill pay.




American Association of Orthodontists American Board of Orthodontics